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Intergas manufactures a diverse range of traceable gas mixtures (also called calibration gases, blends or mixed cylinder gases) that are engineered to meet a wide range of measurement and process control requirements. Leading-edge technology enables Intergas to produce highly accurate and stable liquid and gas mixtures containing component concentrations as low as parts-per-billion.

We have a unique inventory of ultra-high purity raw materials that enables us to manufacture mixtures with extreme accuracy. Our precise gravimetric mixture production systems manufacture according to ISO 6142:2000. We can also offer preparation in accordance with other norms and accreditation’s such as EN17025, US-EPA or NORSOK I-104. Our incorporation into the Scott Specialty Gases organisation has further strengthened our capability to provide complex gas mixtures and gas mixtures containing low-level, highly reactive gases. We offer full traceability to NPL, NIST, NMi on all of our gas mixtures.

Intergas focuses on providing the right product, efficiently manufactured in order to keep the cost to a minimum. Our strategic position in high-purity hydrocarbons makes us a natural choice as a third-party manufacturer of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon blends. Whatever your needs, Intergas is the supplier of choice for quality and value for money.

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Traceability of Gas Mixtures
Gas & Liquid Mixtures

Mixture Classifications
Type   Features   Benefit   Application
Dual Analysed Analysed twice -
results to match over
specified interval
Ensure stable
mixture with
reproducible results
Governmental regulations
Environmental monitoring
Dual Certified Certified by process
and lab analysis
High confidence in
accuracy with faster
Automotive emissions
Energy utilisation
Single Certified Process or lab
analysis certification
Broad range of
components available
Process optimisation
Personal monitoring
Non-Certified No process or lab
Cost effective
alternative when
accuracy is not critical
Bump or check gas
Custom Designed around
for accuracy
and traceability
Exactly what the
customer needs -
no adjustment of your process to
meet the standard
Unusual chemical blends -
i.e. halocarbons


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