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With zero ozone depletion levels, hydrocarbons are becoming the refrigerants of choice for many applications ranging from domestic refrigerators through to industrial scale processes. Intergas has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and purifying hydrocarbons.

Intergas has control over all aspects of the supply process. The moisture level in all of our hydrocarbon refrigerants is less than 10ppm. Unlike other manufacturers, who disguise the actual purity supplied by using phrases such as "99.5% saturated hydrocarbons" Intergas refrigerants are a minimum purity of 99.0% of the entire product.

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R170 - ETHANE - C2H6
R290 - PROPANE - C3H8
R600 - n-BUTANE - C4H10
R600a - ISOBUTANE (2-Methylpropane) - C4H10
R1270 - PROPYLENE (Propene) - C3H6


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